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NAKTO Folding electric bike

Nakto folding electric bicycle is one of Nakto's earliest product series. Over the years, according to the problems encountered in actual use, it has continuously optimized and adjusted the old styles and developed new products. Nakto strives to create the most cost-effective folding electric bicycle. 


One of the huge advantages of a folding bike is that you can keep it with you. Even if you live in a small apartment or work in a small cubicle you can find a place for a folded bike. Tuck it in the corner or place it under your desk. No longer will you need to worry if your bike will be stolen, because it can keep close to you. Folding and unfolding these bikes won’t require magic. Most folding bikes can be folded within 30 seconds or less.


Folding bikes have opened the possibility to bike commute for thousands of people. Many people are open to riding a bike as a commuter, but the distance they would need to pedal was too far or would take too long.



One of the positive aspects of folding bikes is that you can ride them to a nearby bus, train, or metro and fold it up to bring it on board. It’s a nuisance to do this with a full size bicycle, but a folding bike makes it easy. People are choosing folding bikes, because a commute to work can be done partly on the bike and partly via public transportation.

Not only can you carry them by hand, but folding bikes are easy to transport in a car trunk or in an overhead bin of a plane. Hoping to go for a ride on a business trip, but you can’t bring your full-size bike with you? Pack up your folding bike and you’ll be able to pedal while you’re on your trip.

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