Cycling Gloves with Shock-absorbing Foam Pad Breathable Fingerless Bike Riding Gloves


AIR HOLES: A strong moisturizing and reduce perspiration effect. sunscreen, quick-drying and breathable.
REFLECTIVE MATERIAL: Make you more trendy, innovative, enjoy the ride and cool feeling.
PULL PIECE: No need to worry about it is hard to take it off after riding because we have a quick-release glove that can be removed in the quickest seconds.
PROTECTIVE PAD: Effective cushioning and long-term use is not easy to collapse deformation. Make your ride more comfortable and natural.


1. Anti-skid silicone, Increasing the friction of the palm of the hand, which can contribute to 200 kilometers effortless riding.
2. Protective pad, Compressive, wear-resisting, security, reduce the impact of the key parts of the hand.
3. Air holes, Keep the palms dry and comfortable, elastic, breathable.
4. Reflective material, Increasing the visibility of riding a bicycle at night is safer.
5. Wipe sweat, Absorbent material soft, wipe your sweat in your bike riding.
6. Pull piece, It is more convenient to remove gloves.
7. Neoprene, The gloves which have this special material are delicate, soft and elastic. And have the characteristics of shockproof, heat preservation, elasticity, water permeability, and air permeability.


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