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Please attention that NAKTO ebikes have several sales channels now.So all after service you need find the right one!

Pre-sales questions please contact: naktousa@gmail.com

Each sales channel  has their own order list and cover their own after service, including the warranty service, return service and all .

So you need to find the right person to help you. Or could not get the answers! So please check you order details and find the store name.

Then you could find the right one to service you.

Here is a list please check carefully and find it.


 First, site"www.e-bikes.com" is NAKTO Factory offical site. Orders from "www.e-bikes.com" and "www.nakto.us" Please contact Email :naktousa@gmail.com

Amazon store name

Orders from Amazon store "NAKTO Official Shop"     Please contact Email : sale7@yh616.com

Orders from Amazon store "NAKTO "                           Please contact Email : sale7@yh616.com

Orders from Amazon store"Nakto"                               Please contact Email : weber@santahz.com

Orders from Amazon store "NAKTO & EPICORD"        Please contact Email : meggie@yh616.com

Orders from Amazon store "TrekPower"                       Please contact Email : sale7@yh616.com

Orders from Amazon store "BrightGG"                         Please contact Email : daisy@santahz.com

Orders from Amazon store "lanstar"                             Please contact Email : sale7@yh616.com

Orders from Amazon store"Epicord"                            Please contact Email : neal@santahz.com

Orders from Amazon store "NAKTO Direct Shop"     Please contact Email : daisy@santahz.com

Ebay store

Orders from Ebay store" Santa2020"                            Please contact Email : sale7@yh616.com

Orders from Ebay store" trekpower2020"                     Please contact Email : sale7@yh616.com

Orders from Ebay store" Santa1239"                            Please contact Email : tina@santahz.com

Orders from Ebay store" hz2020"                                  Please contact Email : tina@santahz.com

Orders from Ebay store" aviva2020"                              Please contact Email : tina@santahz.com

Orders from other online dealer ,please contact the store owner email. You could find in their site.

Price is very low site is the fraud site,please never trust to order!