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What to look for in an electric bike

by Aston Zhu on August 04, 2020


There is obviously a wide range of products available in this category. So how do you determine which electric bike to buy? There are electric mountain bikes, all-terrain electric bikes, electric road bikes or commuter bikes, electric cargo bikes, electric folding bikes and so many varieties, to begin with. So, how do we even start shortlisting from all these choices available out there?

Well, don’t worry yourself too much. In this article, we discuss some basic things to look for in an electric bike.

  • Purpose

As we briefly mentioned, electric bikes of different designs and types are available out there. Many of them would be object-specific, which means they are designed and equipped for different purposes. Most of the further factors mentioned here would be influenced by the purpose of the purchase as well- to a great extent. So, it would be really helpful to determine the purpose of purchase of your e-bike. Are you buying the bike for commuting to work every day? Or, are you looking to buy it for an upcoming off- the -road trip? Actually, in many cases, you’ll be able to shortlist from the tons of choices simply by pinpointing the core purpose of buying it. So, this should be the thing that you should spend the most time thinking about and deciding.

  • Battery and Range

The range is the distance that the bike can cover before completely discharging the battery. Consider the average distance you’ll be covering on every ride for you ‘purpose’ and see if the range of the bicycles you shortlist comes around that. This is important in the sense that no one would like to have the battery drained half way through the commute- especially if off-roading. So do your research and finalize the ones with a better range.

  • Budget

Last, but not the least, the budget is one of the obvious things to consider if you are buying anything. But yes, while setting a particular budget, be informed that good-quality electric bikes are not as cheap as the conventional ones. Particularly if you are looking for a sturdy multi-purpose bike or a long-range bike from a good brand, you may have to pay higher. Talking about a rough price-range decent enough electric bike may cost you anywhere between eight hundred dollars to two thousand dollars, depending on the model and brand that you buy and the region where you live.

Finally, we recommend this on most vehicles- take a test ride if possible. This will give you a far better idea of the feel and comfort that different models of e-bikes are offering you. We hope that keeping all these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find the electric bike that is most suitable for you.


Main types of electric bikes

Remember we asked you to determine the purpose of buying the bike? You can compile that decision with this information to determine the type of electric bike you need. Note that, we are discussing only the main types of e-bikes available in the market. When you research more, you may find several other classes and subcategories of bikes. But for the time being, this should give you a basic idea:

  • Mountain e-bike: This should be the category of choice for those who’d like to buy the bike for frequent off-roading trips. These are sturdier, but heavier bikes that are tough enough to survive the harshness of the wild.
  • Commuter bikes or cruiser bikes: If you want to just use the bike for work-commutes or for cycling as a hobby, you can buy commuter bikes. They may come cheaper than mountain bikes. They are categorized by lightweight design, narrower tires and saddles, and somewhat forward-leaning structure.
  • Cargo bikes: These kinds of bikes come with extra space and a different design for carrying some cargo or load. They may have different structures and designs, varying from brand to brand. They may not look good, but sure are useful.
  • Folding bikes: They could be of different types, with a twist that you can fold it up to fit in an average-sized suitcase.

That concludes our brief guide on e-bikes. We hope you found it useful! More guides for bike ,please check 5cycling.com