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One photo tell you why you need a ebike?

by Aston Zhu on June 06, 2022

You Can Lose Weight on an Electric Bike

Commuting by electric bike is an excellent way to lose weight, because it burns SO many calories!

In general, cycling is a great way to burn calories, because you’re so focused on the journey and the fun that you can easily spend several hours exercising.


Ebikes fun on fat – and a tiny amount of electricity – and save you money!

You burn a lot of calories on an electric bike, because although you have assistance, you are also moving a heavier bike. It doesn’t completely balance out, but you can be sure that you are burning at least two-thirds as many calories on your electric bike as you are on a regular bike.

I developed this calculation to help you work out how many calories you burn in an hour on an electric bike, cycling at an easy pace:

  1. Start with your weight in pounds, e.g. 250 pounds
  2. Divide this by 2.2 to give you your weight in kg, in this case, 113.6 kg
  3. Multiply 113.6 by 6, to give you 632 calories per hour on a regular bike
  4. Multiply 632 by 66%, to allow for the help from your electric bike
  5. … equals 417 calories burned in 1 hour

So if you weigh 250 pounds and you’re spending 2 hours per day, five days a week, commuting on your electric bike, you are burning an extra 4,170 extra calories every week. If you do this 49 weeks per year (allowing for 3 weeks’ vacation), you’re burning 204,330 extra calories per year. You have to burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound – which means that switching from a car to an electric bike could result in a weight loss of about 58 pounds in one year. Not to mention that even after you park your electric bike in your garage you continue to burn more calories, because you have revved up your metabolism by cycling.

Starting to commute by electric bike could very likely give you the help you need to lose some weight. 15 reasons to get an electric bike
Starting to commute by electric bike could very likely give you the help you need to lose some weight

My own experience bears this out. I have spent my entire life trying not to be fat. However, my body has done its utmost to stay fat. I have never managed to turn the tide in that battle – until ten years ago, when I started doing most of my commuting on an electric bike. How did the electric bike turn the tide? In a nutshell, it keeps me consistently exercising. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve resolved to hit the gym five times a week, or swim twice a week, or get back into soccer. Usually it happens for a few weeks and then … stops. On the other hand, since I resolved to commute by electric bike, exercise just inevitably happens. I have to get to work, and once I’m there, I have to get back.

Thanks to my electric bike I am now down 60 pounds, and my wife actually referred to my body the other day as “wiry”. Wow – I never thought I’d ever hear the word “wiry” applied to me!