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How to clean your NAKTO Ebike in 15 minutes

by Aston Zhu on May 03, 2018

How to keep your NAKTO ebike looking awesome?

Lets to do the five steps as follows


Step 1:Remove the battery from your nakto ebike

Although it is waterproof battery, but take it off first to keep everything safe and easier.

Step 2.Washing

Firstly washing the chains with pipe .Never use high-press water as washing your car, it will lead the dirty to inner place then damage your ebike. 

Secondly washing the tires wheels,pedals frame,brake everything beside the disc with pipe water and brusher

Pay attention to wash the disc with the special disc brake cleaner

Finally washing your battery 

Step 3.Keep Dry 

Wipe your ebike down with a towel to be sure everything is dry, then put the battery on

Step 4. Treat your ebike shinning again.

To lubricate your chain after every wash.Use the silicon spray to polish the frame and get it shinning again

Step 5.Keep your ebike on ready.

keeping the battery charged, keep your tires pumped up,
Adjusting the derailleur using the thumb tighteners to keep shifting smooth and pedaling quiet, straighten the derailleur hanger.
Making sure your bottom bracket and crank tight.
keeping cables lubricated to avoid fraying.
Extending the brake housing using the thumb screws near the brake levers to enhance braking as the cables stretch.

Now you are reading to drive it again.Have a fun riding!