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How to choose a Nakto Electric bike

by Aston Zhu on September 07, 2020


There used to be a time when Electric vehicles used to be boring- that time is no more. With the advent of technology came choices and improvement in just about every aspect of life for consumers. This is very much true for bikes as well. Electric bikes are simply adding to the usability and glory of the already advanced, stylish bikes we see these days. They make it way easier for you to commute to and from work or to simply get around; you’ll be able to go miles without breaking a sweat. Geared electric bikes are pretty cool these days too. All of that, in addition to being energy- efficient as well as a tremendously healthy way of getting around. Furthermore, these aren’t even that expensive – you certainly can get a good enough electric bike under the $1000 mark.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the Electric bikes- the Nakto Electric bikes particularly. Given that there is such a vast product range available, you might actually find this review article helpful in making your choice. We also list and review some of the top Nakto electric bike options in the end!


Features to consider when buying an electric bike

There are basically two most important factors that you need to look for when considering to purchase an electric bike.

  • Style and design: these days, no matter what you say, looks do matter. In addition to being stylish, look for something that is designed to be comfortable and easy to handle as well.
  • Price: As mentioned earlier, you can easily find an electric bike that can fit within a $1000 budget these days. So, if you look around a bit, it won’t be difficult to find a good enough electric bike that can meet your requirements while fitting your budget.
Main attractions of Nakto Electric bike:

Budget-friendly: Nakto bikes are some of the best quality e-bikes you can get even if you are on a low budget. In fact, some of the Nakto electric bikes mentioned in the list below come under the $700 bar.

Quality and style: Despite being available at a stunningly low price-range, these products never stop amaze in the quality and sturdiness. Further, there are bikes available of different sizes and styles that can suit your personality and requirements.

Ample carriage and Cargo space: Most of the products in this range comes loaded with a front basket and a decent enough cargo space in the back. That is not to say that all the basket inclusive bikes aren’t usable by men. There are models that are designed to be suitable for use by men.

A great range for females: Nakto E-bike range offers a wonderful variety of choices for women. As mentioned, baskets and more of a comfortable structure is frequently observed feature in Nakto Electric bikes, which makes it a great choice for many women who prefer to have a little girly-looking bike.


Top Electric bikes

Some of the classic and top-rated electric bikes include:

Priority Embark: This is something that just about every user ends up loving. Talk about design or looks or ride quality or any other feature, this bike excels at everything. A perfect blend of a mountain bike and a commuter’s bike, Priority Embark is sure to stand out.

Budnitz Model E: Yet another popular and much-loved choice is this lightweight, amazingly stylish electric bike. This Budnitz bike comes with some special features like a detachable motor, and most importantly, a setting that recharges the battery when you pedal backward or ride downhill.

Bianchi Aria E-Road: Popular for manufacturing top-class sports bikes, Bianchi brings out yet another winner, Aria E Road. Equipped with multiple gears and great power, this is one of the e-bikes that promises its users a very strong performance and a great ride.

Top Nakto Electric bikes

Here are some of the top e-bikes from Nakto.

  • NAKTO Fat Tire Electric Bicycle 26 Cruiser
  • NAKTO City Electric Bicycle Women 26" CAMEL White with Plastic Basket
  • NAKTO Folding Electric Bicycle 20"FASHION
  • NAKTO city electric bicycle Classic 26"
  • NAKTO Folding Electric Bicycle 16'' Black Skylark