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Father‘s Day Gift Guide: How to Get The Best Gifts For Your Dad This Year


Father's Day is fast approaching and you're left with the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for your father. But wait! Don't panic. We've got you covered with this handy guide that categorizes different types of dads and what they might like as gifts.

There are four main categories in which dads can be classified: Gourmands, Adventurers, Collectors, and Sports Fans. If your dad falls into one of these groups, keep reading to find out how to cater to him accordingly (and hopefully not rack up too much debt).

Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift for your dad, father-in-law, or the rest of your loved ones, we have the perfect gift guide to help you out here. From cool gadgets to personalized photo frames and more, we’ve rounded up some of the best Father's Day gifts you can find online.


father's day gift


What Father's Day Is Really About?

Father’s Day is a great time to show your appreciation for the father figure in your life, whether it be a biological or stepfather.

And while giving gifts is an important part of the tradition, it's also important to recognize what they've done and what they mean to you. It's a day when we can celebrate all that they have done for us and how far we've come as a family unit.


Different Types of Fathers

When it comes down to it though, there are four general types of fathers that everyone can relate with:

  • Gourmands
  • Adventurers
  • Collectors
  • Sports Fans

Gourmands or Food Lovers

gifts for father who is a gourmet

Gourmands love trying new foods and cooking fresh meals from scratch. The perfect gift for them would be some nice spices or a cookware set. An Instant Pot, the multi-cooker that has taken over the Internet and your social media feed, will also be perfect. A KitchenAid stand mixer can also be another perfect gift for your dad’s latest culinary adventure.

Another good idea is to buy him a cookbook or two from his favorite chef. Some examples would be Guy Fieri's book Diners Drive Ins Cookbook or Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals Cookbook.

Adventurer Dads

Adventurer Dads

When you're shopping for someone who loves being outside, try to think about what he really likes doing—not just what he says he likes doing. Does your dad love fishing? Does your uncle love to bike far distances? If they do enjoy these activities, but don't have the right gear, this is an awesome time of year to get them something they can use when they go out into nature.

For instance:

  • A new fishing rod will make it easier and more fun for them to catch fish when they go on their next trip.
  • A new backpack will make it easier and more comfortable for them to carry everything they need while hiking or camping in the wilderness.
  • A new pair of hiking boots will keep their feet warm and dry on all those long hikes through rivers and streams.

Adventurers love seeing new things. If this sounds like your dad then you can also take him hiking in Yosemite Valley or skiing up to his hometown—he'll love being able to share his experiences with his childhood friends back home.

Think tickets to a show or concert, a day at a spa or golf course, or even just some nice food and drinks with friends after work. A great sweet time with family is often better than any material item, and it's so much more personal than buying something off the shelf at a store.

For the dad who likes to travel, a subscription to a magazine about food or travel, such as Bon Appétit or GQ, is a great pick. You can also buy him a stylish, eye-catching NAKTO e-bike. It has all sorts of features designed with dads in mind: from a large battery pack so he can take long rides without charging to a throttle assist so he can enjoy an easy ride all the time.



Collectors are always looking for rare items they can add to their collections—a vintage leather jacket is perfect because not only does it fit great but also adds value over time due to its rarity.

Whether it's baseball cards, action figures or old radios, a collector father will delight in them. If you have a dad who loves collecting and is always on the lookout for more items, he'll love these gifts:

  • A vintage record player: This is an old-school but timeless way to listen to music. It makes great use of vinyl records and will look great in any home office or living room where there's space for it. Plus, it's retro-cool!
  • A classic wooden toolbox: This is perfect for anyone who likes tools and wants to start their own collection of them at home. It makes a great gift because it comes with everything he needs to begin building his own set: hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and pliers! Plus it looks really nice to display as well.

Sports Fans

Sports Fans

A good way to get a sports-loving dad something he'll really love is by going straight to the source—the players themselves! Consider buying him sports memorabilia as they have been gaining popularity over the years as people collect jerseys, bats, balls, baseball gloves, and many more.

Some examples of good gifts include autographed balls from current stars like Bryce Harper or LeBron James; signed jerseys from past greats like Wilt Chamberlin or Babe Ruth; and old school cards featuring retired legends such as Sandy Koufax and Johnny Bench.

This type of stuff isn’t easy to get but it will definitely make any athlete's day when they receive something special like this as a gift!


The Three Cardinal Rules for Father's Day Gift Giving

father's day gift

Keep It Sweet and Simple

 It’s always the little things that make the most impact. If you can give dad a simple experience as a gift, do it! Keeping it sweet and simple means only buying the gift that he wants. It's easy to go down the list of things you think he needs: another tie, maybe a new pair of slippers, or a set of golf clubs. But if you want him to love his present, make sure it's something he wants.

Spend Wisely, But Make It Personal

Spending wisely doesn’t mean you buy something impersonal. Even if Dad doesn't want anything fancy (and we all know how dads can be), he'll appreciate anything that shows that someone took time to think about him and make something special just for him.

Even just a laminated printout of all his favorite movies from when he was growing up will work. The more personalized it is, the more likely Dad will appreciate it. Making it personal also means asking yourself whether or not your dad would actually use this thing if it were given to him.

Sure, he might really like it—but if he doesn't have time to use it regularly or would just be too busy with other things in his life, then it's probably not worth the money.

    It’s also important to make sure that whatever personal gift you're getting him isn't something that could easily break down or wear out over time. While some dads might really appreciate a new pair of slippers (especially if they're as comfy as his favorite), they're not going to work very well if they don't hold up after just a few uses.

    Other great gift ideas would be: gym bags, running shoes, sports memorabilia like jerseys and hats, health-related gifts, protein powders, supplements, and vitamins. Just make sure you don't just get him stuff that looks nice but doesn't do anything.

    Always Be Thoughtful

      Being thoughtful is the best way to show your appreciation for your father. Gift cards are always a good option to show your thoughtfulness because they allow him to pick out something he wants or needs. He can also use it for the family if he doesn't need anything himself.

      If he's into technology, consider gifting an iPad or Kindle Fire tablet so he can watch movies and television series on the go. For the dad who is always in style, a personalized watch is fantastic. If you have any idea what kind of watch he likes, this is an awesome gift. It doesn't matter if he already has one. They're timeless pieces that can be worn every day without getting old or looking dated in any way shape or form (as long as you choose the right style).

      The point is: don't just buy something because it's the thing you're supposed to get your dad for Father's Day. Be thoughtful and always think about what it would mean for him and whether he'd actually use it. He’ll appreciate the effort put into finding them something relevant rather than just buying another tie.


      How to Choose a Great Gift for Dads?

      Father’s Day gifts are a little different from Mother’s Day gifts. You don’t have to get your dad something that will make him feel like a queen, but you also shouldn’t just get him some socks and call it good, unless he really needed a new pair.


      Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do that:

      father's day gift of bike

      Step 1:  Assess Your Budget

      If your budget is tight, you can still find a great gift with a little creativity. Try making something yourself or buying a smaller item that speaks to his interests. If you want to go big, think about getting him something he's been wanting for a while but hasn't bought for himself yet—but only if it fits into your budget.

      Step 2: Get His Taste In Mind.

      Think about your father's favorite memories, hobbies, and pastimes. What does he enjoy doing in his free time? Is he a music lover who can't get enough of live concerts? Does he love to read or watch TV shows like Game of Thrones? If so, consider a gift that ties into this interest and taste.

      Step 3: Fill A Need

      Even though Father's Day is meant to be a special day for dads everywhere, it doesn't mean that things need to be serious or boring! If your dad has a sense of humor then you should definitely consider giving him something that fills the need to be funny as part of your gift. A gag gift is always appropriate on Father's Day since they are meant just for laughs and good times.

      Step 4: Make It About Him And Not About The Glory Of The Gift

      When you're looking for a gift to get your dad this Father's Day, don't think about the glory of the gift or how much money you have to spend. Think about what you know about him—his favorite color, his favorite food, his favorite movie—and go from there!

      Sure, you love to give him a good pair of sneakers, but if it’s his passion to bike around the country, then it makes sense to buy him, say, an Electric Fat Tire bike, like the iconic Santa Monica Fat Tire E-bike created to be the smoothest, long-lasting all terrains bike for dads.

      How to Make Your Father's Day Gift Unique?

      father's day gift

      There are so many options out there for Father's Day gifts, but no one wants to give their father the same thing he's been getting every year.

      So how can you make your father's day gift unique?

      The answer is simple: think outside the box. It also helps to consider where your dad lives now—or where he lives during the summer months when school isn't in session (if you're still in high school).

      Does he live far away from other family members? Is there anything special about where they live that makes it harder for them to visit than other families living closer together? If so, consider getting them something related to their location.

      The point is that there are so many different ways that you can celebrate your dad and make his day unique, and here are more outside-the-box ideas:

      1. Take him out to dinner and pick up the tab. It's easy, it's cheap, and it'll make him feel like he just won the lottery!
      2. Give him a nice bottle of wine (or whiskey) with a card telling him how much you love him. Nothing says "I love you" like booze!
      3. Give him a handwritten letter telling him why he means so much to you. This will help remind him that he isn't just some guy who works all day long; he's someone who has made an impact on others' lives in a meaningful way.
      1. A membership to his favorite fitness studio or gym.
      1. Five new pairs of sneakers he’s been wanting to buy that he can show off while working out.
      1. A subscription to a box service like Graze or NatureBox to help him eat healthy snacks at home or on the go.
      1. An inspiring book about health and fitness (like The Obstacle Is the Way) so he can read up on how exercise, diet and relaxation can improve his life.
      1. You might also consider buying him something that encourages family time together. A ticket to a camping trip is great for bonding between parents and kids—and keeping them active as they grow older! Father's Day presents are a great way to bring families together through activities on a camping trip.
      1. A season pass for ice skating lessons (in case it gets cold enough outside!)
      2. A gift certificate from a local batting cage so Dad can take batting practice with his son/daughter.
      3. A membership at the zoo or aquarium where both kids can see some wildlife congregate together.



      And that’s it! We hope that this guide has helped you to find the perfect gift for your father this Father's Day. It's a special day where we can show our gratitude and appreciation to the men who raised us.

      So make sure you choose a present that shows how much they mean not only to you but everyone in their lives!

      Because let's face it: your dad deserves more than a tie. He deserves the best, most awesome gift ever! And what better way to show him how much you love him than by buying an e-bike from NAKTO.

      NAKTO e-bikes are high-quality bikes that are perfect for any kind of dad. They come in all different sizes and styles so you can find one that fits your dad perfectly. Whether he likes to ride fast or slow, whether he wants the ultimate thrill ride or some smooth cruising around town, NAKTO has them covered.